Best Cross-Trainer Hybrid Ellipticals of 2020

Cross-trainer elliptical bikes (or hybrids) are indoor trainers that are used either sitting or standing and feature an adjustable seat for an easy transition between the two positions. The flywheel is typically located in the front, but is closer to the user than in the front drive design. The design of elliptical cross-trainers mimics the feel of walking or jogging while in the standing position and also has the leaning forward movement of a stair climber similar to the front drive design elliptical trainers. When sitting, the cross-trainer mimics the feel of a traditional bicycle or in-door exercise bike. Depending on the seat placement, it can also ride like a recumbent bike. Cross-trainer elliptical bike are ideal for anyone seeking a mix of exercise options in their home, yet only has the space for a single machine. After much research, we can assure any shopper that these are the finest cross-trainer elliptical bikes on the market.

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Best Hybrid Ellipticals

Model Rating Price Lowest Price
ProForm Pro HIIT H14 5-stars Under $2,000 See best price »
Octane Zero Runner ZR8 5-stars Over $2,500 See best price »
Bowflex Max Trainer M8 5-stars Under $2,500 See best price »